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What We Do

Trusted & Innovative SMP business growth Experts

It’s more than just marketing, we are devoted to the SMP industry for the long haul. That means we are committed to educating everyone that this hair loss solution exists.

We’re your long-term SMP business growth partners and it’s our mission to take you and your brand to the next level because we believe in what you do!

Think Marketing is Confusing?

GREAT! You became a scalp micropigmentation artist to help those who suffer from hair loss find peace of mind… but you’ve faced rejected ads, or a marketing agency that lacked systems and provided a spreadsheet full of leads that weren’t serious YET… (Ask us about the buyer’s journey)

Marketing CAN BE confusing if you don’t have an effective strategy or systems in place to help you measure and manage your market.

We see ourselves as long-term business growth partners for our SMP artists. Not only have we perfected a reliable marketing strategy that generates consistent income, but we’ve saved dozens of artists countless hours through the battle-tested Prospect Manager Pro System BUILT BY SMP ARTISTS FOR SMP ARTISTS!

The marketing strategy is just the beginning, it is simply fuel for the system.

Don't make it harder on you!

We started this company with only 2 goals: To transform the lives of people suffering from hair loss and to grow the business of SMP artists. As former hair loss patients, we know how it feels to feel insecure, ugly and that life has no meaning, however, it is thanks to that experience that we also know how to talk and point towards those people that we could help and change the way we live. how they look and feel through SMP.

Road To $50K in 90 Days

How we help SMP artists add a consistent $30K+ in extra monthly revenue to their business within 90 days!

Month 1 <br>Test Your Market

We launch your ads and you get access to the Prospect Manager Pro SMP Sales System to begin getting you procedures booked. Worst case scenario you break even month one.

Month 2<br>Educate Your Market

Here's where we can start to push for an ROI. Our goal here is to double your investment. We start getting active on more ad platforms and testing more audience segments.

Month 3<br>Achieve Consistency

We expand your reach, both organically & paid, and build up your brand recognition. You should now have achieved 30K+ USD in new ongoing monthly revenue.

Month 4 <br>Target Your Offers

The results are in! Now that you've experienced the system and achieved the goal, we know you want to keep it all running!

We understand which specific audience segments take the most action, and now start hyper-targeting your offers and media around them for INSANE RESULTS!

Why Team PMP is Your Team

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