Every  (SMP) Scalp Micropigmentation Artist needs a team, there are various activities that must be carried out, to achieve this it is necessary to focus the various efforts in different areas, in this blog we will show you what are the points that your team must focus on and above all what is the best dynamic to achieve the goals, read until the end to have a big enough picture mind.

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About the SMP Artist

The SMP Artist must have the qualities of having learned, certified, and perfected his technique. His work is important since the result of each procedure depends directly on him, for this reason, we have the following points as the most important thing that each artist should have:

1.- Adequate preparation

2.- Certifications

3.- Good reputation

All SMP artists agree that the most important thing in this career is to understand color theory perfectly well, how to properly use inks with respect to skin tones, that is why one of the most important bases in this area is to help millions of people who suffer from alopecia, is to have the correct shade of ink for your procedure.


Do you need a team in The SMP Industry?

It is clear that the artist has his preparation, practice, and specialization in the Scalp Micropigmentation SMP technique. However, it is a business that requires having the following points well covered

It’s so necessary to have someone who can support you in managing your business, income, expenses, and everything that requires attention, including customer service.

There are many people in the SMP market, however, what will highlight your success in the sales of this service, which has a much greater growth every day, is that people quickly find your service locally, this requires the following:

  •  Advertising Campaign (Graphics to post on Social Networks and the Internet)
  • Marketing (Know where to publish, when, and to whom you have to target your promotional message, to obtain potential customers)

Sales team that helps you by attending to the potential clients that your marketing team obtains, as well as closing each procedure

When you consider each of these positions and the needs that your business has, you realize that it is a lot of investment and above all a lot of work to train each one of them, of course, many of our PMP artist partners have the help of their relatives in each of their clinics when it comes to those who are entrepreneurs.

Thinking of synthesizing each of these points in PMP, we are focused on giving all the necessary tools to our artists and SMP associates. We have the tools that will help your business in an automated way to obtain clients, manage them and practically you will only have to make a space in your agenda to serve them, if this meets your needs, contact us, one of our experts will gladly assist you and marketing consultants.

Who is the best team ever to work in SMP?

At this point, we will not give you a great list of what each of the members of your team must cover. The essential thing is that they must have basically 3 points that are the most important:

  1. Passion for their work
  2. Dedication to getting the best results
  3. Have the same ideology that you have to help people by focusing on excellent service in each of the areas you manage.

According to most marketing and employment agencies, the motivation and constant encouragement of your team will ensure that each one of them fulfills their role with passion, dedication, and a focus on results.

Team building and meeting constantly with your team is essencial and a perfect communications too
Brycen Veals

Which is the best way to work with them?

The most optimal way to work with your team is to ensure that each of the positions or assignments with which they are going to operate has the correct or adequate training. 89% of businesses in the United States do not achieve the expectations they expected and tend to close their activities due to lack of results.

That is why most of the SMP Artists focus on two basic fields, Hire a marketing agency to obtain potential clients and they take care of handling them, or have this covered service with family and acquaintances. The second option is good when you want to help your social and economic environment, however, the best option is to hire the experts like Pigmentarketing Pros.

Contact Pigmentmarketing Pros

We are An International Marketing and Consulting Agency Specialized in the beauty sector, specifically in the area of Scalp Micropigmentation.

A growth people partner for the SMP artists who choose to work with us. Give ourselves completely by uniting two areas that we love: Marketing and Helping people with hair loss to recover their identity and transform their lives.

Let us help you with all you need, just contact us!.

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