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Who we are?

We are An International Marketing and Consulting Agency Specialized in the beauty sector, specifically in the area of Scalp Micropigmentation.

A growth people partner for the SMP artists who choose to work with us. Give ourselves completely by uniting two areas that we love: Marketing and Helping people with hair loss to recover their identity and transform their lives.

How we started?

This company starts with only 2 goals: To transform the lives of those suffering from hair loss and to push the Scalp Micropigmentation industry into the spotlight.

A few of our team members have personally struggled with hair loss, we know how it feels to lose your confidence, be insecure, and feel like everyone is staring at your hair loss, however, it is thanks to that experience that we also know how to talk and point towards those people that we could help and change, how they look, and how they feel through the power of the SMP transformation process.

We believe in


We love to genuinely improve the lives of others, and we love seeing other people succeed, and it's more grateful when we can be part of the process.


Prioritize to make decisions based on what's the best for our clients and their clients, to ensure that every dollar is well invested with us.


The Firm believes that we are masters of our lives, the actions we do, and the decisions we make, we are 100% responsible for that, no excuses.


Discipline is doing it everyday. Diligence is doing it everyday giving our 100%. We aim for perfection and do not accept less than that excellent.

Our mission is to help SMP Artists get to a consistent 30K+ USD per month doing what they love!

Join us to help more people!

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