Women in this century have changed the socioeconomic environment in most some continents, in the SMP (Scalp micropigmentation industry) is not the exception, they are also achieving real changes in the subject of alopecia, but above all in changing their social environment and focusing on the psychological change that this treatment obtains as a result of improving self-esteem, discover how our guest shows us how to make a change in your environment.

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The techniques of scalp micropigmentation are so important that for more than 10 years since this technique began, countless improvements have been developed, the theory of color in terms of the inks used, for example, is very important, some of the women and men artists of capillary micropigmentation start being tattoo artists, others start studying beauty, here are some points that you must take into account to start or perfect your career as an SMP artist

Being prepared for Scalp Micropigmentation technics is important?

  • Analysis of what you will learn
  • Experts who teach each subject and their experience in the industry
  • Subjects taught in this career
  • Duration time and costs
  • Practices that are carried out in the field


Alopecia affects women and men around the world, a lot of these cases need to repair self-esteem and this is the principal reason this procedure exists, this is why you need to be prepared to help others recover it.

How do you prepare for this field, beauty training first?

Learning is the most important word at this point but above all, in practice, it is where the most essential part of this technique is carried out.

One of the first things to learn is color theory, according to one of our partners. expert on the subject “The theory of color” is a subject or one of the basic lessons that you must learn”

“Each of us has different skin tones, that is why we must make a thorough study of the skin tone of each of the clients in order to achieve the correct tone for their Scalp Micropimentation procedure.”
SMP Artist
Nick Ibarra
Smp Owner Clinic And Artist

Learn from the best artists of the Scalp Micropigmentation industry, at PMP we are dedicated to bringing them together at different stages, with masterclasses, podcasts, interviews, and everything necessary to support our clients who are SMP Artists.

Contact us to get more information or a free consultation

“I also learned from someone who taught me the techniques in this industry, I started in the beauty industry because of my stepmother, but I learned abroad and although the technique had another name back then, now I know that the practice is important, but Theoretically it is necessary to have the bases of this technique to be able to carry it out.”
Scalp Micropigmentation Artist
Kate Dawes
Clinic Director and SMP Artist

What is most important to be one of the best in SMP

Learning is the principal point you need to cover, practice is the essential way to be a good scalp micropigmentation artist, what you need as an artist is a focus on learning and practice and it is humble to learn it too, practice, and teach technics too because as you started your career in the industry, there are a lot of artists who are looking to improve their technics and you can help them too.


PMP and the Scalp Micropigmentation Artists

In PMP are always reaching the best artist with the artist who is looking to improve their careers and it is our mission to connect Them, and let them use all the best tools in the industry to get more clients, get more results, and get their goals, the most important is being humble no matter what you do if you are just an owner of the clinic if you are the artist of one of them, you have to be focused to become better day by day.

These are the most important points you have to focus on

1.- Learn

2.- Practice

3.- Share your work and service organically

4.- Contact the experts to get more information about improving your practice, clinic, or business.

About experience in Scalp Micropigmentation in the industry

Many Scalp Micropigmentation artists began as tattoo artists, some others as practitioners of the beauty industry with microblading techniques. The Scalp Micropimentation Artist is the one who perfectly understands the effects of hair loss, even in the industry most of them in the male category present this problem in themselves.

This has generated the perception of how it feels to face hair loss, some even started their careers immediately after being part of this procedure.

Thinking about this, they managed to start their career as scalp micropigmentation artists, obtaining master classes, seminars, diplomas, and more training, they have even been part of congresses where the most important market participants are focused.

Women in the Scalp Micropigmentation who are making difference.

As we started this blog, even though there are not millions of women in this field, all of them understand the importance of the growing market that exists around the world and the income they can obtain from it.

That is why at PMP we are focused on highlighting those women who stand out as our guests on the podcast: Kate Dawes who joined us in an interesting interactive interview.

"I learned in other countries, I was even as a foreigner looking to improve my technique, I started my career in the field of beauty, but now I am an artist of this procedure which satisfies me"
Scalp Micropigmentation Artist
Kate Dawes
Director and SMP Artist

Another examples and partners in the industry:

“Pigment Marketing Pros are a game-changer in attracting your ideal clients to build a strong SMP business. Their team is very professional and caters to your vision of how you want your company to be represented. I'm very happy with my results and looking forward to a long-term business relationship”
Scalp Micropigmentation
Tia Wallin
Smp Artist
“Helping women and focusing on the marketing and automation field is my passion, this is why I decided to work in this growing industry and one of the most important parts of my entire life, I am so proud to be a part of this change on the industry and around the world for all the women who represent a game-changer!”
Scalp Micropigmentation Marketer
Kim Snow
Head of Operations PMP

Conclusion: Women are changing the world and the Scalp Micropigmentation industry too, but there exists an essential way to help every one of them who is changing the game, let us a comment or share this blog if you are a woman changing the industry or if you want to be a part of this industry and you do not know how to start… leave us to know by contacting the experts on this growing industry.

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